Tomato Season has set up in direct response to the Covid19 pandemic. This spring of 2020, many gardeners found it very difficult to get hold of seeds in the normal way, garden centres were closed and seed merchants inundated and unable to cope.

A lot of people suddenly found themselves with time on their hands and instinctively rediscovered the human need for a connection to earth and nature.

Amid fears of long-term supply chain disruption and damage to the mental health of people who have effectively been under ‘house arrest’, I needed to do something

The seeds of this venture were sown long ago (as a beekeeper I teach in schools and planned to start doing sessions for both adults and children on plants for pollinators, then make certain plants available for sale) but I realised it was time to start helping people make the move from consumption back to production, to enable people to take some control and maintain their personal spaces, to encourage people to have a go at growing things for the first time and allow experienced gardeners to share their knowledge of growing plants with others wherever possible.

I’ve kept costs to a minimum but this venture has to produce a yield (see here) in order to make it a worthwhile use of my time and energy so prices will be kept as low as possible in order to encourage as many people as possible to ‘have a go’.

I’m also keen on swapping plants too, if you’re a gardener or allotment holder with a surplus and would like to swap with something I have in stock, let’s do it! Its much more fun than money….